EMC Metals Corp. (TSX:EMC) announced that the parties in dispute over the Nyngan Scandium Project – EMC Metals and Jervois Mining Limited – are set to commence formal court hearings in the Supreme Court of Victoria, in Melbourne, Australia, beginning February 4, 2013. Pleadings and witness statements have been finalized and filed with the court, as discovery continues, and a final pre-trial session with the Judge concerning trial process orders is set for January 25.

In efforts to settle this matter, EMC has entered ‘without prejudice’ discussions with JRV to consider resolution ideas, participated in an unsuccessful court-ordered mediation, and subsequently made a public offer to JRV to buy out the Project, which was allowed by JRV to expire.  The upcoming court trial now remains the final process step open to EMC to pursue its rights to Project ownership.  A judgment is expected in Q2 2013.

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