War, What is it Good For? Tungsten

Demand for tungsten in light bulbs is being phased out; however, there is another place for tungsten mill products that doesn't get discussed much in polite company: war.

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Colt Resources Raising $830,000

Colt Resources Raising $830,000

Colt Resources (TSXV:GTP,OTCQX:COLTF) has agreed to sell the privately held Colt Resources Middle East for $611,027 to Richard Quesnel. Colt will also be proceeding with a close of its senior note offering, receiving $200,000 USD.

North American Tungsten Mactung Project Receives Approval

North American Tungsten (TSXV:NTC) announced that the plan to develop the Mactung project - located in the Yukon - has received environmental approval. The process stretches back to 2008, when North American Tungsten first submitted its request.

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INN Video: James Robertson of Blackheath Resources on Projects in Portugal

   Blackheath Resources Inc. (TSX:BHR) President and CEO, James Robertson, spoke with Resource Investing News about the Company’s three projects in northern Portugal and how it is an excellent jurisdiction to work in because of their mining-supportive government. The government “publicly stated that they see mining as being an important factor in their financial issues that [...]

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Medical Imaging Component Manufacturer 3D Prints Pure Tungsten Parts

3Dprint.com reported that Medical Imaging component manufacturer Smit Röntgen is capable of 3D printing components made from pure tungsten. The company accomplishes this "via the additive manufacturing technique Powder Bed Laser Melting."

Arizona: Once a Thriving Tungsten Producer

In an article for the Arizona Daily Star, William Ascarza looked at historic tungsten mining operations in the state, noting that the Boriana Mine was the largest producer of tungsten in Arizona during WWI.

A Brief History of Tungsten’s Applications

Justin Rowlatt of BBC World Service published an article that explains how tungsten went from being an unused metal about a century ago to being a critical metal today. In doing so, he shows how tungsten has come to be so important to the military.

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